Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik is a leading and promising name in the real estate industry and he is one of the reputed business leaders in Pakistan in this day and age. He is also the CEO of a well-known real estate company and biggest developer in Asia, Bahria Town. He is the son of Malik Riaz Hussain who is the famous real estate developer. He is also the chairman and founder of Bahria Town and claims the seventh position among the richest personalities in Pakistan.

Ali Riaz Malik

Ali Riaz Malik

Ali riaz malik Born in 1978, Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik has always been inclined into real estate business from his early days and he was born in 1978 in Rawalpindi. He has witnessed and inspired by a lot of high-end skyscrapers in Dubai and other parts of the world. He started to bring all such developments to his home country. Ali Riaz Malik got his education in 1999 from Beacon House School. Ali Riaz Malik completed his schooling and joined his family business in real estate.

He started his career from the very beginning in his father’s organization Bahria Town and took his company Bahria Town to significant heights on the process. It is also one of the largest real estate development companies in Asia.

When it comes to the professional career, Ali Riaz Malik has gained a lot of presence in the market with his dedication and hard work. He entered the world of the real estate market as a procurement manager and later became a project manager to handle a lot of projects under Bahria Town in the year 2005. His dedication and hard work also led him to the position of CEO of his father’s company. He has vast experience and knowledge to lead his company to a US$1 billion mark.

Ahmed Ali Riaz has earmarked his position after achieving his success in real estate business. In 2003, he got married and his wife, Mubashra Ali Malik has handled his philanthropic work. She was born in 1983 and belongs to a wealthy family that belongs to sugar refineries. Bahria Town also runs Dastarkhwans and she handled them to serve over 150,000 poor and needy people in Pakistan.

Ahmed Ali Riaz has been the prominent partner of his father in a lot of projects handled by the company Bahria Town. He handled a lot of projects as a CEO, including the first Island city in Pakistan by signing a contract with Thomas Krammer, one of the leading business tycoons in the US in 2013.  He assured further development of the projects in this contract.

Bahria Town is handling a lot of leading projects under his leadership like Blue World City, DHA Smart City, Bin Alam City, and other projects in Islamabad. He is also handling other real estate projects in Lahore and Karachi under Bahria Town. They are also doing well by launching schools and hospitals to serve the society. Golf City is a famous sports city all set to launch in Karachi by him. He has made a great presence in Pakistan and he is a leading name behind all such projects.


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